Body and Material video program

Curated by Alexandra Ben-Abba

Sunday 9/23 @ 5:30pm – 186 Huron St.

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“Since the 70’s artists have been using video to document events and interactions they have with materials and audience. The video documentation of performances alongside the development of technology generated a new genre of time based – moving image work. While this work parallels to experimental film it is unique in its approach to the human body and use of materials. This hour-long program offers a collection of short video works made in the past few years and it includes work that uses material as a subject or metaphor in dealing with identity, human interaction and gendered relations to vulnerability, labor, place and prayer.” – Alexandra Ben-Abba

The program will be followed by a panel with artists Liz Collins, Amy Jenkins, Catherine Telford-Keogh, Naomi Safran-Hon, Tal Gur, Tamar Ettun, Brett Swanson & Alexandra Ben-Abba


Audrey Superhero, directed by Amy Jenkins, USA, 2010, 9 min, color, HD

The Paternal Relationship of Samson and Deliah, directed by Catherine Telford-Keogh, USA, 2011, 5 min, color, HD

The Rush, directed by Derek Paul Boyle, USA, 2011, 1 min, color, HD

Etch A Sketch, directed by Avital Burg, USA, 2012, 2 min, color, HD

Avoda Aravit, directed by Naomi Safran-Hon, USA, 2010, 14 min, color, video 

Cleaning II, directed by Naomi Safran-Hon, Israel, 2010, 6 min, color, video

The Trash Athlete, directed by Tal Gur, USA, 2011, 1 minutes, color, video

Standing Prayer, directed by Tamar Ettun, Israel, 2008, 6 min, color, video

The Runway, directed by Alexandra Ben-Abba, Liz Collins and Marc Lester, USA, 2012, 3 min, color, HD

Execution, directed by Brett Swanson, USA, 2011, 9 min, color, HD

Peeling, directed by Alexandra Ben-Abba, USA, 2011, 2 min, color, HD



Born in the US, Alexandra Ben-Abba grew up in Jerusalem, Israel. Her work explores aspects that are inherent and specific to her Israeli identity and culture and springs from observation of events and human relationships she experience. Transforming these experiences into artwork Ben-Abba investigates the material glass and its qualities, experimenting with reflections, projections, fragility and transparency she makes objects and record actions that result in sculptural, installation, photographic and video work. She graduated from RISD, with a MFA in Glass and with a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.