Love Stalker

Directed by Matt Glasson & B. Bowls MacLean, USA, 2011, 95min, color, HD

Sunday 9/23 @ 4pm – 607 Manhattan Ave

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Womanizer plays girls. Womanizer finds the perfect girl. Womanizer stalks girl. What was once a short film made for St. Louis’ 48 Hour Film Project, this “unromantic comedy” is the quintessential example of the up-and-coming approach talented new filmmakers are taking to make passion projects: the “micro-budget.” Shot in the environs of St. Louis in five weeks with a $20,000 budget and a Canon 5D Mark II, filmmakers Brian Bowls MacLean and Matt “Mugs” Glasson crafted together a witty and semi-gritty feature.

Love Stalker is the winner of the Greenpoint Film Festival’s Best Mico Budget Film Award .
The screening will be followed by a panel with Love Stalker director and producer Matt Glasson and David Ohliger and Golf in the Kingdom Executive Producer George Stephanopoulos.