Millennium Nomadic

Curated by Millennium Film Workshop

Friday 9/21 – 186 Huron St.

Greenpoint Film Festival 2012 Buy TicketsProgram 1 @ 5pm

Panel @ 6:30pm

Greenpoint Film Festival 2012 Buy TicketsProgram 2 @ 8pm

Greenpoint Film Festival 2012 Buy TicketsProgram 3 @ 10pm 

Millennium Film Workshop, the non-profit media arts center and cinema, located in the East Village, has been around since 1965, dedicated to the exhibition, study & practice of avant-garde and experimental film, video, and all technologies of the moving image. It’s Personal Cinema Series, from the local to the international, has been ongoing since the beginning.

This Millennium Nomadic series of programs will feature works from the current “new era” of Millennium, a time when dozens of artists & filmmakers have joined together to keep this vital space alive. In this moment of dwindling funds & dispersed focus, makers, teachers & curators have banded together to infuse new blood into a potentially disappearing institution in an act of creative self-determination. Exciting programs, essential workshops, & a thriving journal signal the “irrepressible” nature of this DIY cultural venue. Come see the film & video works of three generations of fiercely independent & wildly experimental media artists that refuse to quit or join the corporate spectacle.

Millennium Nomadic will consist of 3 programs & a panel, spanning a wide gamut of approaches, styles, techniques, attitudes & visions, from abstraction to appropriation, performance to animation, material to structural, lyrical to satirical, critical to poetic. Celluloid works will mingle with digital, and the single channel with expanded cinema. And both the programs & the panel will derive from New York artists engaged as curators, teachers, board members and equipment facilitators at Millennium, as well as from the journal and technical workshops.  So as a way to meet & solicit new artists, to increase our visibility to other communities, and to experience satellite venues, we come displaying the pulse of this post-millennial Millennium.



“A sampling of the films, videos and artists who have shaped my vision as an itinerant film curator, which began when I showed my first films at Millennium Film Workshop in 2000. From shooting super 8 film in fish tanks to holding screenings in parking lots, these artists have worked within the vein of an irreverent, passionate and symphonic underground cinema.” – Marianna Ellenberg

Screening Program:

Yew, directed by William Santen, USA, 2012, 6 min, color, 16mm

Cet Air La, directed by Marie Losier, France/USA, 2010, 3 min, b/w, 16mm film

The Pool, directed by Jayne Parker, UK, 1991, 10 min, b/w, 16mm film screened on mini-dv

This is the Place, directed by Marianna Ellenberg, USA, 2010, 7 min, color, video

Lucky Time Goh, directed by David Louis Zuckerman, USA, 2012, 3 min, color, video

Zeal for the Law, directed by Josh Mannis, USA, 2012, 2 min loop, color, HD

Junk Spirals, directed by Peter Burr, USA, 2009, 6 min, color, video

You Are Now Running on Reserve Battery Power, directed by Jessie Stead, USA, 2011, 11 min, color, HD

The Story of Elfranko Wessels, directed by Amanda Trager and Erik Moskowitz, Canada/USA, 2011, 16 min, color, video



The panel will consist of artists & filmmakers from these Millennium Nomadic programs who are engaged as curators, teachers, board members, and equipment facilitators, as well as from the journal and technical workshops. 



Artists featured in the 2012 issues of the Millennium Film Journal. Works covering a broad range of subjects, visual styles, and media, all from the world of the moving image in the hands of artists.
The first half of the program draws from the Spring issue and includes work by Alfred Guzzetti, Marie Losier, Robert Nelson, and Steina; and the second half, from the Fall issue (forthcoming), includes works by Bradley Eros, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Evan Meaney, Richard Tuohy and Steven Woloshen.   

Part I: from MFJ 55 “Structures & Spaces: Cine-Installation” (Spring 2012) 
What Actually Happened, directed by Alfred Guzzetti, USA, 1996, 9 min, color, video
‘Interview with Alfred Guzzetti’ by Scott MacDonald

Eat My Makeup (with George Kuchar as himself), directed by Marie Losier, USA, 2005, 6 min, color, 16mm
‘In Memoriam George Kuchar’ by Marie Losier

The Off-Handed Jape, directed by Robert Nelson & William T. Wiley, USA, 1967, 8 min, color, video
‘In Memoriam Robert Nelson’ by Mark Toscano

Urban Episodes, directed by Steina, Iceland/USA, 1980, 9 min, color, video
‘The Emergence of Steina’ by Gerald O’Grady 

Part II: from MFJ 56 “Material Practice: From Sprockets to Binaries” (Fall 2012, in production)
Aerodynamics of the Black Sun, directed by Bradley Eros, USA, 2006, 6 min, color, HD
‘more captivating than phosphorus’ by Bradley Eros

DE LUCE 1: Vegetare, directed by Janis Crystal Lipzin, USA, 2009, 5 min, color, DVD from Super 8
‘A Materialist Film Practice in the Digital Age’ by Janis Crystal Lipzin

Ceibas – Epilogue – The Well of Representation, directed by Evan Meaney, USA, 2011, 7 min, color, video
‘Evan Meaney: the well of representation’ by Chris Kennedy

Centre Spot, directed by Richard Tuohy, Australia, 2008, 7 min, color, 16mm
‘Photographic Memory: Diary of a Viewer’ by Martin Rumsby

The Homestead Act, directed by Steven Woloshen, Canada, 2009, 8 min, color, 35mm
‘Photographic Memory: Diary of a Viewer’ by Martin Rumsby



“a burning desire for something unusual”

from a core group active in vitalizing the current Millennium:
strange beautiful. monstrous, perhaps. incandescent, glowing with heat, maybe.
reverberating, sometimes. ripe, spectral, most likely. uxorious, you’d have to ask; but
definitely luminous in the night & more captivating than phosphorus.

experimental one, two & three projector works by Jay Hudson, Lary Seven,
Stephanie Wuertz, Bradley Eros, Shona Masarin, Grahame Weinbren, Sarah
Halpern, Kelly Spivey & Ken Jacobs.



Marianna Ellenberg is an artist working with the still and moving image, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Ellenberg’s film/video and photographic work centers around a re-imaging of female subjectivity and desire within visual abstraction and language play.

Grahame Weinbren, recognized as a pioneer of interactive cinema, has made films and installations for over 30 years. His high definition short films “Letters” were exhibited in the 2008 Berlin Film Festival and the 2010 Zero1 San Jose Biennial. He teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and is the senior editor of the Millennium Film Journal.

Stephanie Wuertz is a moving-image artist based in New York whose work draws inspiration from early cinema, proto-cinema, science and abstraction. Her work is not so much interested in depth as it is in surface, process and bodily experience. The imagery she creates incorporates stop-motion, superimposition, performance and music to explore subjectivity, dissolution and transformation.

Bradley Eros is an artist working in myriad media: experimental film & video, collage, photography, performance, sound, text, contracted and expanded cinema & installation. Also a maverick curator, composer, designer & researcher. Concepts include: ephemeral cinema, mediamystics, subterranean science, erotic psyche, cinema povera, poetic accidents and musique plastique.
Exhibited at Whitney Biennial & The American Century, MoMA, Performa09,
The New York, London & Rotterdam Film Festivals, The Kitchen, Microscope Gallery; Worked for many years with the New York Filmmakers’ Cooperative, Anthology Film Archives & co-directed the Roberta Beck Mercurial Cinema.