Bestiaire buffalo

Bestiaire, winner best Experimental Feature


Curated by Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe

Saturday 9/22 @ 2:30pm – 186 Huron St.

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There is no doubt that the human brain is good at acquiring information quickly. The media-saturated world in which we live makes the most of that gift, often bombarding us with rapid changes of information-rich imagery. The presumed challenge with rapidly-changing images is to “get” what’s happening immediately, to “know”. This program presents films that offer an opportunity for more of a meditative practice of watching. What we are watching is not dramatic, it is the everyday — the everyday with space to allow for wonder at something not exactly specific.

Bestiaire, WINNER of Experimental Feature competition, will be included in the curated program, with a Q&A to follow. 
The curator would like to thank for this screening of
Bestiaire. Trailer


Tanya/Sam 17, directed by Myrel Chernick, USA, 2012, 10 min, color, digital
In Tanya/Sam, two teenagers negotiate the shared space of the studio couch. Restless or thoughtful, bored or oblivious, their gaze addresses the unknown, toying with unarticulated questions.
This is a world premiere of Tanya/Sam 17. 

Continuum, directed by Dominic Angerame, USA, 1987, 15 min, B/W, 16mm on DVD
Continuum is “a complex and finely woven picture of a day-in-the-life of labor, or a work, in progress, and without end, microcosmically reflecting a history of any labor and many an art. …we  see into the turgid furnace of mans multifarious tasks, and, as in a vision, behold the ballet of his tools and accouterments: steaming tar, turning pulleys, swishing  mops, changing lights and sewer-plates, acetylene torches and  sandblasting serpents,  snorting  sting of jackhammers and gleaming jewels amid  grime  where undinal heat makes the atmosphere buckle.” (Ronald Sauer) 

1, directed by Shelly Silver, USA, 2001, 3:12 min, color, digital
A group of cops laugh and talk, while scanning the street for suspicious activity. An extreme close-up of a sensuously exposed neck; a soft pink fleshy ear turns to reveal an inquisitive hostile eye…. 1 is a short tape about longing, threat, power and seduction, with the camera functioning in turn, as aggressor, mediator and confessor.  

Greenpoint Afternoon, directed by Hey-Yeun Jang, USA, 2012, 3 min, color, digital
Greenpoint afternoon was commissioned for the Greenpoint Film Festival and features the people of Greenpoint on a weekend afternoon in August.
This is a world premiere of Greenpoint Study.  

Traffic, directed by Perry Bard, USA, 2005, 5:20 min, color, digital
Near the intersection of Canal and Broadway a mobile marketplace repeatedly installs itself and disappears in sync with the ambling police patrol. Status symbol knockoffs sold out of suitcases and black plastic bags control the chaos with as much authority as the cops. One unsuspecting tourist finds herself scaling a wall to escape with her loot. The filmmaker spent years negotiating this intersection around the corner from her loft; one week she stood on the corner recording the illicit trade where speed and mobility are of the essence.

The Weather is Clearing Up!, directed by Jeffrey Skoller, USA, 2006, 3:42 min, color, digital
In the midst of war, Ho Chi Minh has a vision of happiness — 180 seconds shot in Hanoi 62 years later contain the image of its actualization.

Bestiaire, directed by Denis Côté, Canada/France, 2011, 72 min, color, HD
Bestiaire is an elegant meditation on the nature of sentience and the boundaries between nature and “civilisation.” We observe animals, they also observe us and one another; the mutual beholding initiates a shift in consciousness. We are left with an awareness of the constraints of captivity and of some liberation of mental constraint. Trailer



Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe is a new media artist whose film, video and internet work is personal, experimental and dogma-resistant—deconstructively exploring the pleasures of narrative uncertainty.