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“Elk Grass”, Abbey Luck, Best Animation Short

“The Pyrotechnician’s Daughter”,
Courtney Taniguchi, Official Selection
“Silent Voices”, David O’Brien, Official Selection


“La Vallée des Larmes”, Maryanne Zehil, Best Narrative Feature
“Your Side of the Bed”, Jason Jeffrey, Official Selection Narrative Feature
“Mojave”, Peter Sasowsky, Best Narrative Short
“Epilogue”, Dylan Allen, Official Selection Narrative Shorts
“The Windermere Guest”, Greg Slagle, Official Selection Narrative Shorts
“The Sleepy Man”, Oona Mekas, Official Selection Narrative Shorts


“The Hill”, Lisa Molomot, Best Documentary Feature
“At the Corner of 3rd and 3rd”, Max Kutner, Best Documentary Short


“Dans L’Oeil de la Forgeronne”, Pierre Bundock,
Guy Pelletier, Best Experimental Short
“C.A.G.E.”, Richard Evans, Honorable Mention Experimental Shorts
“Culebra Jr.”, Daniela Delgado Viteri, Honorable Mention Experimental Shorts
“Two Seconds After Laughter”, David Rousseve, Official Selection Experimental Shorts
“Sleep”, Karl Nussbaum, Official Selection Experimental Shorts
“Ambients VOL.1”, Aaron Leeder, Official Selection Experimental Shorts