Performance Video: Private/Public Body

Curated by Alexandra Ben-Abba

Sunday 9/22 @ 6:45pm followed by panel – 67 West St

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Private/Public Body features contemporary video work by visual artist. Residing between the public and the private, artists in the program choose to use the human body as a focal point of their frame. They create installations or events that explore the personal within the public sphere. Naomi Safran-Hon and Katayoun Vaziri talk in two different languages, they create an honest piece that deals with the effect of political decisions on personal relationships. Three short pieces by Courtney Lockeme presents us with a humorous, tasteful and honest artist that brings to the public realm intimate moments of herself in her personal space. K Laub takes on a persona of a simple American person, this genderless person talks about existential questions such as loneliness, money and death in way that doesn’t leave us indifferent. Habby Osk creates clean and minimalistic videos that deal with human interactions, the generalization of these actions creates space for diverse interpretations. Looking at their own image, or at a generalized body they all share their ideas and by doing that comment on public issues.

Chickens by K Laub, USA, 2013, 2:30 min, color, HD
Snowed in by K Laub, USA, 2013, 2:30 min, color, HD
Idea by K Laub, USA, 2013, 2:30 min, color, HD
Fingers Walking by Courtney Lockemer, USA, 2010, 4 min, color, HD
Dusting (Swiffer Bikini) by Courtney Lockemer, USA, 2010, 4:30 min, color, HD
Head Bonk by Courtney Lockemer, USA, 2010, 2:45 min, color, HD
English Subtitles by Naomi Safran-Hon and Katayoun Vaziri, USA, 2009, 32 min, color, HD
Trust in Me Trust in You by Habby Osk, Iceland, 7:25 min 2010, color, SD
We all must conform by Habby Osk, Iceland, 2010, 2:15 min, color, SD
Bypass by Habby Osk, USA, 3:30 min, Black & White, SD

Panel with the artists Courtney Lockeme, Katayoun Vaziri and Habby Osk, moderated by Curator Alexandra Ben-Abba