Ambients VOL. 1

Ambients Vol. 1Directed by Aaron Leeder, 2013, 22 min

Friday 9/20 @ 8:40pm – 67 West St.

Greenpoint Film Festival 2013 Buy Tickets

New York Premiere
‘Ambients VOL. 1’ is an audio/visual experience by Faces Together. The music for this piece was co-produced and composed by Aaron Leeder and John Thayer in Brooklyn, New York. The audio was mastered by Chris Abell in Astoria, New York. The short film is a contemporary collage of footage shot, treated and edited by Leeder in New York and Louisiana from January to March of 2013. The juxtaposition of city and country/nature landscapes inspires a visual affectation, which alongside the audio accompaniment, guide the listener/viewer through all twelve keys of the chromatic scale.