The Hill

The HillDirected by Lisa Molomot, 2013, 60 min

Friday 9/20 @ 6:30pm – 67 West St.

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In the heart of New Haven, a poor, primarily black and Hispanic residential neighborhood is threatened by a school reconstruction program. With other building sites clearly available, the destruction of 123 homes in “The Hill” seems motivated less by considerations of school placement and more by the desire to eliminate low-income housing and the citizens who occupy it. Interviews with long term residents, activists, administrators and lawyers demonstrate clearly and concisely how a city government can utilize the principal of “eminent domain” to obliterate an “undesirable” area rather than provide more complex options for urban renewal. The film makes a compelling humanitarian argument for community organization and the utilization of every legal option to battle aggressive political bullying disguised as “progress.”


The Hill is the Winner of the Best Documentary Feature competition.