“Two Seconds After Laughter”

Two Seconds After LaughterDirected by David Rousseve, 2012, 16 min

Friday 9/20 @ 8:40pm – 67 West St.

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An original intersection of documentary, dance-for-camera, and dream-like fantasy, ‘Two Seconds AFter Laughter’ creates a border-jumping dialogue on a universal irony: The heart longs most for the one place to which it can never fully return…home. With a narrative inspired by choreographer Sri Susilowati’s return to Indonesia after 20 years in America, ‘Two Seconds…’ is a conversation on the nature of memory; a cry of longing caused by separation; and a fable-like tale of the joy and emotional dislocation experienced by contemporary immigrant people. Weaving stunning cinematography, traditional Indonesian dance, Sundanese music, and an emotionally-potent narrative, the film resonates as a meditation on being alone in a fast-moving transnational world.