Birthday Girl

Birthday GirlAnjan Chakravarti, 2014, 8 min

Friday 9/19
Program II starts: 10:30pm

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It is Ankita’s birthday. We will see her day unfold through her interactions with her family members, her strict dance teacher and, tragically, through the actions of a group of youths out to have a good time. We will see her as a sister, a daughter, aunt, pupil and a sex object. However, the audio of a major portion of the sequence will be reversed.

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ConfluenceNoah Shulman, 2014, 6 min

Thursday 9/18
Opening Night Program starts: 7:30pm

*Winner: Best Experimental Short

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There is always movement, even in stillness. Things around us are constantly changing in tiny ways that we don’t notice, eventually building up to growth and death. In “Confluence,” a new film by director Noah Shulman, viewers look beyond what the human eye is capable of seeing to experience those moments in between the transformations that we perceive.

Noah Shulman shot an array of processes both natural and mechanical at incredibly close range and in a controlled environment, allowing the isolation of the micro-movements that constantly occur around us in a nearly balletic way. The film includes extreme close-ups of everything from magnetic to chemical and heat reactions, but it’s up to the viewer to extrapolate out from what they can see to imagine the larger view that they can’t.

Created with specialty macro lenses and microscopes and shot in 4K resolution, the film reveals hauntingly beautiful movement at the microscopic level and reminds viewers that everything around them is in flux, even when the surface is calm. Tiny movements compound upon each other to create perceptible change.

The film is part of Mental Fabrications, an installation by architect Ion Popian that aims to map the mind’s mental landscape through electroencephalogram (EEG) and 3D printing. To do that, “Confluence” seeks to stimulate particular brain activities and reactions.

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Night Blooming Flower

Night Blooming FlowerKarl Nussbaum, 2013, 11 min

Thursday 9/18
Opening Night Program starts: 7:30pm

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We often bring flowers to our loved ones in the hospital. And then, in the dark, these flowers become the silent witnesses to the changes the patient makes in their transition from life to death. ‘Night Blooming Flower’ is a meditation on death, memory, acceptance and the passage into the world of the dead, specifically the moment of leaving. The film is also conceived of as an installation, projected onto a Vietnam era parachute that gently sways as if breathing.

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The Long Night

The Long NightEmma Penaz Eisner, 2014, 2 min

Thursday 9/18
Open Night Program starts: 7:30pm

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In The Long Night, eleven-year-old director Emma Penaz Eisner brings vitality to lyrical lines about communication. Eisner utilizes a myriad of media in creating this stop-motion animation, including paintings, charcoal drawings, and photography. Each shot portrays the words and textures of the poem, which are simultaneously recited by an array of voices. With images reminiscent of the films of William Kentridge and Andy Warhol’s oxidation paintings, The Long Night is a work of densely packed, intricately unfolding audiovisual experimentation and an expression of cinema’s endless possibility.