LoserHannah Watanabe-Rocco, 2013, 20 min

Saturday 9/20
Program III starts: 8:15pm

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Meet Audrey. These are things she likes: conspiracy theories, books, aliens, quiet. These are things she doesn’t like: human beings, human companionship, human interaction. Audrey’s too busy figuring out the intricacies of the universe to deal with unnecessary complications like friends. She’s got bigger cosmic fish to fry.

Audrey’s ordered life becomes slightly less ordered when she meets Greg, a classmate at the local community college. When they discover a shared interest in aliens, they decide to work together (against Audrey’s better judgment) to create a device to contact these otherworldly beings. Will Audrey let down some of her boundaries and allow someone into her life again? Or will Audrey push Greg away until it’s too late? Will they successfully contact aliens? And what’s the point of life, anyway? Audrey learns that she may never truly understand the universe, but having someone by her side can make things a little more okay.