North Brooklyn Boat Club Presents

North Brooklyn Boat ClubCurated by Dewey Thompson & Jens Rasmussen

Friday 9/19
Program I starts: 8:00pm

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“The North Brooklyn Boat Club is dedicated to getting people on the amazing waterways that virtually surround this neighborhood but it has also become a community of paddlers, environmentalists, artists, cooks, craftspeople… and filmmakers.  The waterways are, among many other things, a force of nature, a wilderness, a danger zone, a refuge, a time machine and a metaphor.  Like Ishmael, storytellers have always been drawn to the water and the NBBC (at the Broadway Stages Boatyard at the base of the Pulaski Bridge) is where they (and you, too) can get access to the training, boats and gear necessary to experience it firsthand.   Each of these films sees the waterways from a different perspective.  We look forward to seeing yours. ” –D. Thompson

North Brooklyn Boat Club, Wilderness Survival Skills, Lisette & Ryan Cheresson, 2014, 4 mins
English Kills Project II,  Henry Sanchez, 2014, 8 mins
The Rebuild (trailer for a short film), Okke Rutte, 2014, 2 mins
Bird’s Eye View of No Man’s Land,  Robert Di Maio,  2014, 5 mins