Eva Bakkeslett, 2015, 20 min
*Official Selection: Environmental / Documentary
Thursday 3/17 8:00pm

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A poetic story of the ethereal journey of the air we breath, a part of you for a fleeting moment before it is shared with fellow humans, sung by birds, rustled through leaves, billowed through pipes or travelled through oceans and clouds.


Can Video Bring Us Our (Missing) Park?

Where's Our Park

Videos and a Panel Discussion Presented by Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, 25:49 MIN
Thursday 3/17 8:00PM

 Greenpoint Film Festival 2014 Buy Tickets


Citizens Speak

Citizens Speak for Parks 1 & 2

Interviews with random people on the streets of Greenpoint and Williamsburg reveal the variety and passion of opinions about the value of parks and open space in the neighborhood.

Produced, Directed and Edited by Amy Grumbling
Camera, Dewey Thompson


City Hall Rally

Where’s Our Park? : City Hall Rally

On a chilly Thursday in March, 2015, Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park organized a rally on the steps of City Hall that (according to NYPD) was the biggest midweek rally ever. More than 500 people chanted for the missing park and cheered speakers who demanded that the City act on its promise of a 27acre park.

Produced by Dewey Thompson & Pickerel Pie Entertainment
Edited by Philip Ceconi
Cameras, Suni Shah


Illuminator Graffiti Project

THIS RIGHT HERE : The Illuminator Graffiti Project

What better way to assert the community’s rightful claim to the property promised by the City 11 years ago as a park than by projecting that claim on the commercial buildings that remain on the site? Over a series of freezing nights last winter, the legendary Illuminator projector turned the sides of the buildings into giant screens of protest, ephemeral graffiti.

Projector, Leif Percifield
Graphics/Edit, Philip Ceconi
Cameras, Matthew Caton, Dewey Thompson
Production, Pickerel Pie Entertainment


Onsite Rally

This Is a (Missing) Park: On-Site Rally

Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park rallied the community on the site of the park, promised by the City more than a decade ago and still not delivered. Almost every single elected official and other community leaders spoke passionately and pointedly about the injustice of a City that turns its back on its own agreements and undermines quality of life for residents.

Produced by Dewey Thompson & Pickerel Pie Entertainment
Edited by Suni Shah
Cameras, Amy Grumbling, Dewey Thompson, John Saponara


Flash Mob

The Big Question: Flash Mob

Combining the joy of kids and their parents in a massive spontaneous choreographed expression with spectacular aerial videography, this video communicates both the urgent need for the missing park and the creative energy that makes the neighborhood so distinctive.

Produced & Choreographed by Katherine Thompson, Maggie Baker
With Sarah Porter & Mike Arnot, Greenpoint Williamsburg Youth Soccer League
Edited by Suni Shah
Cameras, Matthew Emmi, Matthew Caton
Drone Cameras, Cooper Naitove


CTA Occupy

Call to Action: Occupy the Inlet

Like a visual haiku with percussive natural sound this video powerfully and poetically speaks to the vital need for the missing 27 acre Bushwick Inlet Park.

Produced by Julia Weissman
Directed & edited by Nicholas Weissman


Occupy the Inlet

Occupy the Inlet

Dozens of kayaks, canoes, a Whitehall rowing gig and a sailboat “occupy” the historic and virtually no-mans land of the Bushwick Inlet to protest the City’s failure to deliver the Inlet and its surrounding shores as part of the park promised in the 2005 Waterfront Rezoning Agreement that has sparked unparalleled development in North Brooklyn.
Some claim that this may be the first boat fleet protest in the history of New York Waterways!

Produced by Dewey Thompson & Pickerel Pie Entertainment
With North Brooklyn Boat Club, Long Island City Community Boathouse & Village Community Boathouse
Edited by Philip Ceconi
Cameras, Maggie Baker, Dewey Thompson, Ariana Bernstein, John Saponara
Drone Cameras, Erica Matson, Jerry Holleran
Drone 2nd Unit Director, Scott Fraser
Camera Boat Captain, Ilan Averbuch


Funeral for a Deal

Funeral for a Deal

When word reached the Friends of Bushwick Inlet that the property that the City had promised to the community as a park was under contract for development by a Manhattan-based real-estate company, the creative and fearless group staged a funeral for the proposed transaction at the 5th Avenue offices of the developer. The deal fell apart a few weeks later.

Produced by Dewey Thompson & Pickerel Pie Entertainment
Edited by Suni Shah
Props by Katherine Thompson
Cameras, Dewey Thompson, John Saponara


It's A Wonderful Park

It’s A Wonderful Park

Working with young dramaturgs in a graduate drama program, local children act out the impact of both not having access to parks and open space and the glorious future when the promised 27 acre park is finally delivered by the City.

Produced by Scott Fraser
Dramaturgy by Casey Hayes-Deats and Karron Karr
Edited by Ryan Fritzsche
Cameras, Dewey Thompson, John Saponara


Year of the Fire Press Conference

The Year of Fire Press Conference

A year to the day from the spectacular fire that completely destroyed a half-block long storage facility that happened to be on land promised by the City to the community as a park as part of the 2005 Waterfront Rezoning Agreement, every local elected official came to the site to restate their commitment to make the City honor its promise.

Produced by Dewey Thompson & Pickerel Pie Entertainment
Edited by Phil Ceconi
Camera, Dewey Thompson