Barney’s Wall

DIRECTOR: Sandy Gotham Meehan & Williams Cole

Documentary FEATURE


GENRE: Documentary

Saturday, May 4th 2019



LOGLINE: The life and work of Barney Rosset, the late founder of Grove Press and the Evergreen Review, is laid bare by family and friends as they enter his home and office to interpret one of his last and most personal works: a giant, abstract mural.

SYNOPSIS: Right by Astor Place in Lower Manhattan, and perhaps unbeknownst to its many passersby, rested until recently the office and home of the late Barney Rosset, a WWII veteran, American film distributor, and the founder of the notorious Grove Press and Evergreen Review. Maintained by his widow Astrid Myers Rosset, it was an old yet vibrant space that was decked out with paintings and piles of the books and magazine issues he had published over several decades. Most significant of all was a vast abstract mural in gold, blue, white, and red, featuring crevices filled with paraphernalia sourced from around the world. One by one, a colorful variety of artists, publishers, writers, professors, filmmakers, composers, lawyers, and museum curators came through to interpret his last and most personal work of art. Along the way they offered commentary and memories, painting yet another massive image of a man who, despite an unwavering belief in the American democratic system, demonstrated anarchic and maverick sensibilities as the American publisher of Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Tropic of Cancer, Naked Lunch, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X, among hundreds of other subversive, radical and vital literary works.