Past States (Stany Przeszłe)

Past States

Olga Blumczynska, 2018, 29m 14sec
Documentary short
Thursday, May 3rd, 7:00pm

Greenpoint Film Festival 2014 Buy Tickets

Polish emigrant – Martynka – living for 15 years in Manhattan, divorces her American husband and decides to look for her new home in Greenpoint. This is a district that reminds her of folksy Polish people and the type of emigrants she does not want to identify with. However now she realizes that the longing for the family draws her just here. Moreover, the district is changing into an intercultural melting pot and this is the last moment to taste life among her fellow Polish people. Martynka makes contact with people who came to New York 20, 30 years ago, completely unprepared for the reality overseas. Her neighbor, Henryk, becomes her friend and helper in difficult times. Helena – an elderly lady living in a senior home, inspires her to create an artistic project. The protagonist listens to their stories of determination, loneliness, fear, but also stories of finding their place on foreign ground. At the same time she deals with her past, hoping it helps her overcome the feeling of loneliness and alienation in New York. In the film, modernity and the past are intertwined by means of up-to-date and archival footage.