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1) Please complete the form below including checking the rules acknowledgement box at the bottom.

2) Upon submission, please print 2 copies of your completed application. Keep one for your records and send ONE SIGNED COPY to the Greenpoint Film Festival.

3) Applications that are not paid for will be disqualified from competition. Upon submission, follow the “Pay Now” link to pay applicable submission fees.

(Students: if you are waiving a submission fee, please provide proof-of-enrollment in lieu of a payment receipt. If this is not included, your submission will be automatically disqualified. Films must be under 50 minutes to qualify in the student category.)

4) Mail the following VIA UPS/US MAIL/FEDEX:

  • TWO well packaged NTSC Region 1 or 0 DVDs of your film marked with FILM TITLE, DIRECTOR NAME and the DATE OF THE CUT on the DVD. Please make sure you DO NOT affix a paper label to your DVD and that you have tested it (on a computer and DVD player) to be sure it works.
  • A printed, signed copy of the completed online application form.
  • A printout of your payment receipt/proof of student status.

Mail to:
Greenpoint Film Festival
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P. M. Box 474
302 Bedford Avenue
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**I take full responsibility for all content on my submitted work. By submitting this work for consideration, I attest that I hold all rights to exhibit the given work. If accepted, I hereby grant permission to exhibit my work in the Greenpoint Film Festival.
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*Information regarding accepted materials will be provided upon notification.
*While best care will be taken of accepted work, Greenpoint Film Festival accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of material.
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