People 2011

2011 GFF Team

Rosa Valado * Director

Margaret A. Ford * Management and Production

Jamie Lynn Weisinger * Event Coordinator and Design

Alexandra Ben-Abba * Vendor Services and Special Events

Lucas Green * Videographer



Prolific filmmaker, writer, educator, and rebel Jonas Mekas is the ‘godfather’ of the American avant-garde movement, or as he dubbed it the 1950s, the “New American Cinema.” He has made well over 50 movies in the past half century, but aside from filmmaking, he has also made an indelible imprint on the public face of avant-garde. One of his first publications Film Culture (1954), co-founded with his brother Aldolfas, became a major force in legitimizing experimental filmmaking. Jonas also broke ground with his legendary Village Voice column “Movie Journal” (1958), reporting on the most radical filmmaking at the time. In addition to writing on film, he co-founded the Film-Makers’ Cooperative (1962), paving the way for it to become one the largest archives and distributors of avant-garde films worldwide. Arguably one of his most important legacies, opening Anthology Film Archives (1964), Jonas Mekas helped create New York’s own ‘Cathedral of Cinema.’


Guillermo G. Peydró is a Spanish filmmaker, art historian, and film writer who studied at Universidad Autónoma in Madrid as well as Brookes University in Oxford. Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate at Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, focusing his dissertation on “Essay Film and History of Art.” As a doctoral candidate, Guillermo has presented his work at academic conferences in Spain, Argentina, and Canada. He has also published academic writings in Goya and Quintana, as well as other scholarly journals in Spain. One of his first films, El jardín imaginario (“The Imaginary Garden“, 2011), is a proposal to amplify the resources of teaching and researching in Art History.


Cullen Gallagher is a freelance critic and curator who lives in Brooklyn. His writings have appeared in Moving Image Source, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Hammer to Nail, and other publications. He has curated programs for Hamptons International Film Festival, SoundUnseen, and local venues such as UnionDocs and 92YTribeca.


LJ Frezza lives in Brooklyn, NY where he makes films and videos that address the effects of commercial media on human experience. In his most recent work, he has begun a practice of repurposing commercial media artifacts in order to tell personal narratives. He received his BFA in Experimental Media Production from Emerson College in 2010. In addition to his work with the Greenpoint Film Festival, he also programs at the Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg and co-founded the Basement Media Festival.


SOLUS is an independent film collective and platform for filmmakers working in Super-8mm/16mm/35mm, DV and HD. It has the dual aim of showing Irish short and avant-garde films abroad and international short and avant-garde films in Ireland. The collective has provided programmes for international exhibition in Africa, America and Europe. In 2009 SOLUS produced the Irish/Arabian Avant-garde Film Tour which brought the work of over 20 filmmakers and artists from Muslim and Arabic-speaking countries to 8 venues around Ireland, running concurrently with the screening of work by 15 emerging and established Irish and international filmmakers in three North African venues.


Scott Nyerges is a Brooklyn-based photographer and filmmaker. His video work has been shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, while his photography has been featured in Momentum magazine and Architectural Digest‘s shopAD blog. His two-year photography project “A Year At Eagle Street Rooftop Farm” focuses on Eagle Street Rooftop Farm set against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. This rooftop farm, which is located directly above our screening location, was one of the first urban farms in Brooklyn.