Breadwinners Brooklyn Packers Poster


DIRECTOR: Emily Delaney, Courtney Schaefer

GENRE: Documentary

Sunday, August 4TH 2023
POV: Cultural Identity @ 4:00PM
The Boiler
191 N 14th St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

LOGLINE: Longing for a baby, an unhinged, young woman concocts a plan to use a dating app to find the perfect man to impregnate her. However, when she chooses a heartbroken Casanova, she soon finds out that a baby might not be the only thing he’s leaving her with.

SYNOPSIS: Breadwinners is a five-part mini docuseries that examines the complex relationship between New Yorkers and the people who feed them. By focusing on farmers, food distributors, and home cooks, the series explores access to sustenance, the power of land, and the magic of community.
Episode 4 features Raina Kennedy – co-owner and sourcer for Brooklyn Packers, a co-op that makeS food more accessible by distributing fresh produce throughout Brooklyn and Queens without the grocery store pricing.