No Elephant In The Room

DIRECTOR: Clara Kleininger

GENRE: Documentary

LOGLINE: Longing for a baby, an unhinged, young woman concocts a plan to use a dating app to find the perfect man to impregnate her. However, when she chooses a heartbroken Casanova, she soon finds out that a baby might not be the only thing he’s leaving her with.

SYNOPSIS: Two huge plastic elephants are being pulled down from the top of the colourfully decorated grand are-na of the State Circus of Bucharest. Change has finally become unavoidable for this circus built by the communist regime in 1961. Wild animal shows are suddenly forbidden and with this, the circus loses its main attraction. Long-time animal-training partners Adi and Mioara are left without the occupation that has meant everything to them, and have to see their pupils off to the zoo. The circus is in crisis, so the director makes a risky move: he calls in Adrian, a Vegas show director who works for the famous Cirque du Soleil. Adrian holds casting calls, and now Mioara, Adi and their colleagues are expected to turn an old-school circus into a world-class acrobatic spectacle by the end of the year. Through the stories of the trainers who lose their jobs and are trying to survive in the new reality, the circus becomes a mirror for processes of transition that have been taking place all over East Europe over the past thirty years.