Iris, a recently sober alcoholic, is due in court tomorrow: rested and prepared. Unable to fall asleep, she battles the voices in her head and her own desire for a drink as the night stretches on, seemingly without end.

Leaving Yellowstone

What starts as a romantic trip in the wilderness, turns ugly as Tessa fights for her life in the winter of Yellowstone National Park.

Daddy’s Night

h Mommy out for the night, Daddy invites over Natalie. But when his daughter Betsy wakes up afraid of a monster, can Daddy put her back to bed in time to get in bed with Natalie?


Two girls sit in two separate chairs deep in the woods. They knit. They make mistakes. One sneezes a few times. Anxiety grows stronger. Will they make it out unscathed?


While on the run from mysterious forces, a Mother and her Son take refuge in a beach side motel for the night.