Proliferation 2018

DIRECTOR: David Brody

Experimental short


GENRE: Abstract animation

Friday, May 3rd 2019



LOGLINE: A shape evolves with an accompanying sound score, birthing a synesthetic collaboration. A cross-like figure grows, moving in captivating harmony with the sound, until it is unclear where the figure starts, where it ends, and where it begins again.

SYNOPSIS: Multiple-disciplinary artist David Brody directs an experimental animation born from an isometric drawing. Brody’s 2003 installation entitled Descent inspired this 2018 iteration, a “synesthetic drama” featuring a single black image expanding from the corner of the screen. The figure, presented in four flowing episodes, builds upon itself as Zig Gron’s accompanying sound score begins to swell. Together, image and sound consume the screen. Through folding and unfolding graphics and sounds, Proliferation is an examination of the relationship between its visual and sonic loops.