Interview With 582 POSTER No Laurels

Interview with Traveler #582

DIRECTOR: Lisa Steindler & Jon Bernson

GENRE: Satire/Sci-Fi

Friday, August 4TH 2023
As Above, So Below @ 2:30PM
The Boiler
191 N 14th St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

LOGLINE: Longing for a baby, an unhinged, young woman concocts a plan to use a dating app to find the perfect man to impregnate her. However, when she chooses a heartbroken Casanova, she soon finds out that a baby might not be the only thing he’s leaving her with.

SYNOPSIS: Drawing the power dynamics of a job interview out from behind closed doors, Traveler #582 takes aim at this absurd capitalist ritual and its many tropes. Our satirical short also introduces the world of Third Eye Moonwalk, a secretive spiritual order that has learned to teleport through time and space. Despite their miraculous powers, the organization is mired in debt, suffering from dwindling numbers and struggling to keep the lights on. A seasoned gatekeeper launches a recruitment campaign and interviews Traveler #582 for a middle management position, but his corporate approach frustrates the devotee, who dreamed of a meaningful discussion about truth and enlightenment.