PRESS Press 2020

Suddenly, NYC Is a Drive-In Movie Mecca

When theaters went dark in March, film festivals quickly adapted by curating content online, but let’s face it, summer has come and you’re not about to watch a movie on your laptop, with a desk fan blasting torrents of sweat off your face. Luckily the organizers of the city’s great seasonal film festivals– including Tribeca Films, Rooftop Films, and the Greenpoint Film Festival– have risen to the occasion with pop-up drive-in movie theaters.

Back in May, the only drive-in within a popcorn’s throw of New York City was the Warwick, an hour and a half upstate. Other than that, you basically had to travel to the drive-ins of Florida and Texas to enjoy cinema through fogged-up windows (and even those were forced to close). But now New Yorkers can just drive their Zipcars right down the block, put the seats back, and pray the battery doesn’t die during the big reveal.

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