Interview with Traveler #582

Drawing the power dynamics of a job interview out from behind closed doors, Traveler #582 takes aim at this absurd capitalist ritual and its many tropes. Our satirical short also introduces the world of Third Eye Moonwalk, a secretive spiritual order that has learned to teleport through time and space. Despite their miraculous powers, the organization is mired in debt, suffering from dwindling numbers and struggling to keep the lights on. A seasoned gatekeeper launches a recruitment campaign and interviews Traveler #582 for a middle management position, but his corporate approach frustrates the devotee, who dreamed of a meaningful discussion about truth and enlightenment.

Film For Aliens

Fourteen-year-old Jeremi is a YouTuber. His father, a space agency employee, promised to show him the launch of a real rocket, but called it off at the very last minute. Instead, he sends the boy to his grandpa’s place in the countryside. To distract Jeremi from spending time on the Internet, his father comes up with a competition. Jeremi receives a package with a small robot that gives him tasks to complete. The boy is supposed to create a message for aliens in the form of a film, which will help to save the world. At first unhappy, Jeremi gradually makes friends with a group of local kids. Together, they make the film until the secret plan comes to light.


Rudy Vaspar, a dangerous and violent convict, sits comfortably behind bars in a maximum security prison. His day is interrupted by a surprise visit from Monica Klee and her assistant, Vince, as Rudy soon discovers he has been selected for a scientific study.

Go / Don’t Go

A wallflower finds himself the last man alive, or so he thinks.