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Notes from the field

We’ve had a great time working with Philip on this short term internship. We asked him to give us a brief synopsis of his stay in New York and life goals. Here is what he said:
I’m here from Sweden, living in Greenpoint for a few months, and just celebrated my 21st birthday.  I took some time off from school inspired to try out some entrepreneurial ideas.  When I was introduced to the Greenpoint Film Festival Rosa Valado, the Director, offered me the opportunity to work with their social media platform.
It is an exciting time for me as I become familiar with what it means to work for myself and be my own boss, and to identify the needs and possibilities for different industries. With GFF, a platform that gets increasingly active nearing the festival time, there are many creative moments finding and developing content. I’ve spent numerous hours researching on the internet, as well as many hours running around taking pictures of the many film shoots in the neighborhood. It is a lot of fun learning about the film industry.
The fast pace of New York City, variety of activities, ethnic diversity, and social directness are new and exciting.  I’m learning to enjoy the process of working independently in a new and exciting place, where it can still get pretty lonely.  I’ve learned to reach out to my home support group through Skype and through the technology available – as I meet new people here and build my social and professional networks.
I want to create my own path , and to discover myself, and where and how I function best.  My time in NYC is certainly delivering the perfect classroom I was seeking.  I look forward to developing my business, and grow a varied clientele, as I explore different parts of the world and share my experiences through my blog and social media.

Philip Andersson