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Notes from the field

We talked to Bruno Barros to ask him what he’s been up to since last March’s GFF16. He tells us that he has been fully immersed in the film industry after quitting his very lucrative IT job and that he is very happy. Here in his own words:
I work in the Locations department on a film set. One of the most important, but least known departments to someone outside of the industry. The locations department is in charge of finding the locations that productions shoot at and dealing with everything from agreements with the location owner as well as permits from the cities for shooting, parking the production trucks, firearm and smoke use and anything else that might be required for the production to legally be allowed to do what it needs to do.
When on set it is the locations department that deals with disgruntled neighbors and other complaints. We also act as an liaison, or messenger, between the production and the location contact. For example, if the electricians need to hang a light somewhere that was not previously discussed, they will contact a locations person to ask for permission. We then reach out to the contact to find out if that is okay or not.
Locations is usually the first and last department on set. We put up signs to insure production knows where to go and we also deal with the trash at the end of the day that was created by production.
It’s a tough department with long hours but it provides the opportunity to work with every department and learn what everyone does and needs to get their job done. Locations is a great department to work in for anyone trying to become a producer.

Bruno Barros comes from an IT background.  His goal is to be a producer/director full time. He quit his IT job and jumped into the film industry full time (vs. the part time he had been scheduling). Currently he is working for a TV show as a scout in order to learn as many aspects of production as possible and loves it. Last year Bruno began working with the Greenpoint Film Festival organizing all the final screening materials; he was the point person for everything technical. He continues to work with GFF17 in an expanded capacity.

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